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they theoretically have a definite motivation to /promote/ the fraudulent transactions *I* have a theoretical motive to promote fraudulent transactions that make me money, but that doesn't mean I do it. Do you have any reason to believe otherwise about WU? I don't see why this is a problem with WU's security. • November 18, 2005 PM @jammit: Napster's business model was ruled to be based *primarily* on promoting illegal transactions.If criminals were hacking WU's system to redirect money transfers, *that* would be a problem with WU's security. Giving copies of copyrighted material to other people beyond the limitations of fair use is illegal.Check their fees--transferring US00 to Canada using the "Money In Minutes" option nets them US in fees.

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• November 18, 2005 PM @antibozo Pretty much the same thing can be said about ebay.On the other hand, there's nothing fundamentally illegal about person X sending money to person Y.The illegality comes from the circumstances surrounding the transfer, but that's outside WU's involvement.Recent scams include offering consumers counterfeit cashier's checks, advance-fee loans and phony lottery winnings.

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More than 3 million was swindled in 2002 from U. residents through wire transfer fraud to Canada alone, according to a survey conducted by investigators in seven states.

• November 18, 2005 PM I'm going to be tossing gelignite on the thermal lance here with my open ended question, but wasn't Napster nailed for being a conduit for illegal transfers?

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