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15-Nov-2017 12:52

Today’s ad-driven and heavily surveilled internet ecosystem endeavors to accomplish the exact opposite result.Be it for national security or to sell you a smartphone, governments and companies want to know everything they can about you.This makes it nearly impossible to trace the activity of a single person in the pool.VPNs are built for privacy and not anonymity, however, so we caution against using them alone if you want to truly remain hidden.Your ISP could choke your bandwidth, send you a cease and desist letter, or report you to the authorities even if you haven’t done anything wrong.For this reason, we advise Tor users to use an obfuscation tool like Obfsproxy, turn on a VPN when using Tor, or both.Privacy and anonymity often go hand in hand, but remember this important distinction: anonymity means no one can identify you, but privacy implies no can see what you’re doing.Using a VPN requires a certain degree of trust in your VPN provider and the entities that host their servers.

It is possible to be remain anonymous online, but it’s getting more difficult as time progresses.

No anonymity checklist would be complete without Tor.

This network of volunteer nodes around the world is synonymous with anonymity.

The downsides are that it takes a reasonably powerful computer to run a virtual machine and it’s rather complicated to set up. Kali, Qubes, and Zeus Guard are all alternatives to Tails and Whonix worth considering.

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Do your research and figure out what’s best for you.

None of these allegations come with concrete evidence, so take it with a big grain of salt.

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