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26-Sep-2017 12:49

Lining up on the other side of the field from Jones will be a pair of Texas linebackers who complement each other well.

Junior Malik Jefferson is one of the bigger names in the country at his position and is viewed as one of the best Longhorn prospects in recent memory by most media publications.

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One shared photo will be featured as the Family History Photo of the Week.

He’s got light feet, a pretty good arm, and has the touch and timing of a pro quarterback.

Pitt (1-1) has had a rough start to the year, eeking out a win over Youngstown State at home before getting throttled by Penn State on the road.

More than three years after the death of hellraising actor Richard Harris there has been a touching family reconciliation between the Harry Potter star's family and the adopted son and daughter of fellow Irish thespian Pierce Brosnan Harris, I can disclose, took offence at the fact that after his brother Dermot died, his niece and nephew were adopted by the James Bond star who had married Dermot's widow."But sadly they told me they had no microsurgery facilities, so they couldn't sew it back on.

I can still ski but I think my guitar-playing days may be behind me."By curious coincidence, Graham's elder brother Martin, 42, who used to view with him to be Britain's number one skier, has also lost the top of the same finger on the same hand.

He can’t afford to dwell on it, however, because he’s got an even bigger test on Saturday afternoon.