Ciudad maldita 436 online dating

17-Sep-2017 03:56

We were able to try a variety of Mexican food - from the traditional to the exotic - and everything was delicious!

:)You can inquire about tours through his email: [email protected] Hi, We just returned from our trip to MC and Jorge Mendoza was our guide for a full-day city tour and a trip to Teotihuacan.

He does not have a web site and prides himself on being "hard to find." Anyway, he speaks excellent English and is prompt and stays in good contact.

While he is knowledgeable, he comes with a very specific view point of the history and culture of the city and the area and thismight be a bit off-putting to some people as it was to my husband.

We learned a lot of interesting things about Mexico from him.His email is: [email protected] I strongly agree with those who recommend Jorge Mendoza.His email is: [email protected] Well, after finding this tour company randomly online, I was tenuous about booking, but something 'felt' right about it! Santiago's little company is ABSOLUTELY TOP NOTCH.During our time with Jorge, we have come to see how much he truly cares for his country and the people.

He takes every effort to help maintain and preserve the attractions we visit, especially the ruins.When we returned by ourselves on a subsequent Monday to enter the museum, it was closed (all MC museums are closed on Monday).