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On the other hand, his mother’s mask never changes, her “even-tanned good looks” (56), “burnished visage” (101), and “air-brushed confidence” (211) providing the foil to the drama in her midst.

The list of reference include all the references cited in the text, alphabetically organized.

For more information on how to paraphrase and summarize a text see the style manuals available at the library (section 808.02).Lugano has historic links to racing as former F1 driver Loris Kessel was born there, and pre-war racing legend Rudolf Carraciola lived there for many years.This video shows the layout of the track around the historic Parco Civio area of the city.In discussing the reasons for political disturbances Aristotle observes that revolutions also break out when opposite parties, e.g.

the rich and the people, are equally balanced, and there is little or no middle class; for, if either party were manifestly superior, the other would not risk an attack upon them.

And, for this reason, those who are eminent in virtue usually do not stir up insurrections, always a minority.