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27-Oct-2017 14:53

It is important for family and friends to know that resources are available for them as well.

Calling a depression hotline can help you answer the following questions: Many life events can leave us feeling sad or down, but depression is different than just being sad.

Sometimes it can be helpful to express what you are experiencing to another human being, to get your feelings out and lift that burden off your chest.

Calling a depression hotline is your opportunity to: The caring staff at depression hotlines know what you’re going through and want to lend a helping hand in your time of need.

Living with mental health challenges can be difficult and confusing.

Free depression hotlines can help you successfully navigate this period in your life by answering questions that you may not even realize you needed answered.

Talking to someone can help you gain some clarity and feel more optimistic about your future.

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It is important to know, however, that these feelings can be treated.If your depression is leading to suicidal thoughts, call the National Hopeline to connect with a depression treatment center in your area.

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