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And in the Cecchini household, only to upset the newfound peace, is the arrival of Lia, the Sergeant’s young and exuberant niece who has an amazing talent for getting herself into trouble.While Cecchini suffers from being so far from his priest friend, Don Matteo is asked to take on a new assignment right in the parish of Spoleto, where, together with all the inhabitants of the rectory, he is reunited with the Sergeant, ready to resolve new cases together! 1 “A New Beginning”Don Matteo misses Cecchini, who, along with Tommasi and all the others, has been transferred to Spoleto.

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Meanwhile, Cecchini grows fond of an animal and brings it home… While everyone is making preparations for Tommasi’s 40th birthday celebration, the father of the child Laura is tutoring begins courting her. 8 “Hanging On by a Thread”While the officers investigate into an attempted homicide that takes place in the call-center Natalina works at, we make a surprising discovery about the courageous Tommasi…he’s afraid of mice! Meanwhile, Tommasi and Lia are busy with some of the older people in the city on the occasion of “Elderly Week”. 10 “Cyberbully”One of Don Matteo’s students is accused of the attempted murder of another boy in the same school.Fresh from being lied to by Daryl (Norman Reedus) about the safety of their friends, Carol could well be on the cusp of discovering the truth, leaving her abode to find Morgan (Lennie James) - presumably to find out what really happened with Negan in the season seven premiere.You can watch a clip from the new episode above, and the trailer below.How do you tell someone they’re not your type, or you just want to be friends?

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After this free audio lesson you’ll know lots of useful words for dating in Arabic – after all, you don’t always know when those special (and not so special) moments might occur!In fact, Don Matteo hasn’t changed one bit and opens the doors to the rectory to anyone who needs his help.

The basic idea for the plot consisted of a "hero" who led a secret organization, which was later developed into a conflict between two characters with different values and who belonged to the same military unit, who eventually became Lelouch Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi.… continue reading »

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