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Her father Joseph was a Schoolmaster and as a family they tended to move around.In 1911 Evelyn was working as a Hospital nurse at Royal Free Hospital, General Hospital, Grays Inn Road, London.Agnes served at the hospital between November 1915-May 1916 and again in the autumn of 1916. Date of Bith: 1891Place of Birth: Kent, England Born in Belvedere, Kent.Ruby was raised by her parents, James and Martha Abbott.Before the war there was no malaria in Salonika, the marshy areas up north had few travelers during that time and the mosquitoes where confined to the that area.

Perhaps the most challenging time at Salonika was in the summer of 1916.The hospital endured around 8 deaths per week, however most of the other hospitals in Salonika were reporting huge causalities.In August the fighting began as the Serbian and French began pushing the Bulgarians back.Her parents were also on this voyage to NY,giving their address as New Jersey, USA.

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1922 records show Ailsa departing Southampton on “Canopic” en route to visit an aunt in Newark, New Jersey.

In 1901 she was living with her mother in St Mary in the Castle, Sussex. In May of 1917 she joined the Scottish women’s Hospitals and headed to Salonika.