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13-Sep-2017 10:08

Dolores jumps at the chance for any kind of interaction with a male character, and is very keen on marrying someone new as soon as possible.

She has gotten married twice during the series and has been shown to own multiple wedding dresses.

Some villains have or almost crossed the Moral Event Horizon, or done something despicable enough to make the fans believe they did so, only to later redeem completely or partially.

A strong example of a Purely Evil villain would be either a villain who (in addition to having no or a very poor excuse for being evil) commits multiple especially heinous Moral Event Horizon-worthy deeds, or if the line in question proves to be heinous enough.

Dolores, with a bedtime of 5pm, spends her days playing bingo and shuffleboard and posting on online dating sites.

While posting on these sites, such as "Wrinkled Romance" and "Dimdating.dim", she is not always truthful about her age and appearance, and instead pretends to be a beautiful teenager.

Other villains have more than a potential and often leave an impact on the public that they do wicked things all the time and commit Moral Event Horizon acts like a hobby, such as Lord Voldemort, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Emperor Palpatine and Emperor Tathagata Killer.

In the episode, The Odd Couple, in the process of trying to get Ricky, an evil teen Timmy wished up to date Vicky, to break up with her, Cosmo and Wanda create a falsified profile for Ricky on an internet dating site.

" when she scolds at Crocker while he is negotiating a meet up with Hugh J. Dolores was also mentioned in "A Fairly Odd Christmas" when Denzel said that all she ever gave him for Christmas were women's handbags, because she knew he would return them.

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