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SHG's one year Yacht Club Memberships (YCM) are the main source of income that helps to maintain our site and prizes that we give out.Without these memberships, SHG would not be able to continue.Looking for the best online casinos and slot reviews in Canada?We recommend Casino which serves as an expert resource for trusted casinos where you can play and deposit in CAD.SHG was designed from the ground up to support community based games, peer communication and most of all, a place we would all feel comfortable visiting and playing.

If you would like to leave a review about any of the casinos listed on their website, than this can be done for free.

Since April, 2008, SHG has offered a gaming community featuring group tournaments, Cases Ladders, Rated games, social games, web-based and site sponsored tournaments in Spades, Backgammon, Pachisi, Cribbage, Hearts, Canasta, Command HQ, Euchre and Trivia on site, everyday.

Founded by a group of like-minded individuals who all had experience in programming, hosting and gameplay from other sites and were still looking for something more - a true community driven site.

Be the first team to score 11 points to win in Free Online Euchre game.

Features include: Hearts is played with four (4) players using a standard 52-card deck without jokers.

SHG Canasta supports both two player and four Player partners.