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Props to the professor, who kept his cool despite the falling books and subsequent crying heard from the hallway. “Since this video is doing the rounds, it is worth noting [Kelly] is a damn good Korea analyst,” one user tweeted.

College friends are some of the best friends you can ever have.

While some of you may have been willing to wait for the fall semester to come around, others did not, and now you have to make sure to avoid spoilers amongst the betrayal. Unfortunately, both gas and plane tickets are expensive.

Skyping can bring conversations together, but there’s nothing like camping out in each other’s dorm rooms with pizza to watch rom com’s at one in the morning. All you want to do is wrap everyone in a big hug and never let them go again, but a simple ‘I love you’ will have to do until move in day rolls around and you’re reunited.

Kelly faced one of the many fears TV guests face on a daily basis — and he came out it pretty gracefully.

Kelly appeared via Skype on BBC News to discuss the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye when one of his kids danced into the room on live television.

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It then turns back on, showing Ken smashing the blender and shoving his throat onto the blades, killing himself.You’re stuck with either high school students that you vaguely remember or college students you’ve never met, and knowing that all of it is temporary makes it all more annoying.Why can’t you just be back with all your friends, investing in stuff that you actually care about? At some point you discussed taking a summer class with these people and they helped you decide to do so, but now that it’s July and all you want to do is live at the beach, you sincerely regret signing up for this. Romance always manages to bloom during the summer months when you’re miles away from your best friends, which means you have to keep everyone filled in while you try to keep your heart calm without them there to give advice every few minutes.This is happening right now before your mom opens your door and starts her own conversation with you.

You’d started binging together during the school year, but didn’t quite finish before May rolled around and you were all free.Summer is great and all, but move-in day is something you’ve had on your calendar since you moved out, and all you want to do is finally make that drive and be together again.

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