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Today, about half the population lives in urban centers, and feudal relations of production in rural areas have almost disappeared.Yet the politics and ideology of much of the leadership can hardly be distinguished from the worldview of landed notables of the past.“Why have the Kurds been deprived, why have they all been subjugated? He rejected the view that it was because they were “ignorant” or “without perfection.” They were subordinated, rather, because they were “orphans,” i.e., without a king who would unite the discordant principalities and form an independent kingdom.Although they excelled in qualities of munificence and bravery, the princes refused to unite under the suzerainty of a Kurdish king.Living his last years in cosmopolitan Istanbul, he was familiar with the nationalist struggles and the material advancement of modern nations.He constantly advocated use of the Kurdish language.In spite of a long history of struggle, Kurdish nationalism has not succeeded in achieving its goal of independence or even enduring autonomy.

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He referred to Kurds, Arabs, Persians and Turks as ) not in the then-prevailing meaning of “religious community” but rather in an ethnic sense.In the modern era, the Kurdish nation, with its distinctive society and culture, has had to confront in all of the “host” states centralizing, ethnically-based nationalist regimes -- Turkish, Arab and Persian -- with little or no tolerance for expressions of national autonomy within their borders.

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