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As Appellant’s dispute with military officials does not concern the approved sentence, it is beyond our statutory authority. Miami Herald reporter Carol Rosenberg reports here that commissions prosecutors filed a motion to release the audio of the commissions proceedings on October 31 and November 1, 2017.

We find no error that materially prejudiced a substantial right of Appellant and affirm the findings and sentence., 75 M. The allegedly (but not actually, as discussed here) contemptuous actions of General Baker occurred on October 31, and the contempt hearing itself (where General Baker was not allowed to defend himself) occurred on November 1.

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This behavior, coupled with failure to approach the podium when addressing the court and his refusal to take the witness stand when called by the Commission, was consistent with his general deportment of defiance and disrespect before the Commission throughout the proceedings. [a] sentencing hearing relating to the offense.” Article 6b(a)(4)(B).

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