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The Emir decided to have the baker executed, pausing only to ask if he had anything to say in his own defense. She was standing outside the window, just below eye level.

“Well,” the baker replied, “there isn’t any Samarkand air here, to leaven the bread.” The Emir was so impressed by these words that he spared the baker’s life, which you would think was a story about the baker’s cleverness, rather than about any actual properties of the Samarkand air. Her features looked exaggerated, cartoonish; the black-outlined eyes, the cartoonishly mouth-shaped mouth.

I heard a thousand times in Samarkand, it was how they have the greatest bread in Uzbekistan because of their amazingly clean water and air.But that’s how this story was cited: “Even all the way back then, Samarkand was famous for its clean air and water . .” Instead of relying on one of the abstract or inedible representations of “bread” so popular in other parts of the world, the Samarkand bread sellers used, as signage, an actual hammered to a board with a large iron nail, like the body of Christ. but you can actually buy and eat the bread that you see in a bakery window. ” I staggered out of bed and fumbled with the window latch. Looking at those signs was like witnessing the first glimmerings of abstract thought. In Samarkand, the bread has been sacrificed—rendered inedible, by being nailed to a board and hung out all day, or maybe for multiple days, in the sun—in the name of signification. He decides to avenge himself by dancing and flirting with Olga.

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Olga is insensitive to her fiancé and apparently attracted to Onegin.

He was sitting in a fake Louis XV chair at a long Louis XV table, solving chess problems. In my dream, the poor ward was trying to move Jane Fairfax’s piano.