Questions to ask when speed dating

25-Jun-2017 15:47

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to connect with our kids.As our family grows and our kids get older, so do the distractions and demands on our time.We’ve put together 60 questions and grouped them into similar categories to help you have a meaningful discussion.

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I love that when I pull out one of these question strips, I know my kids are going to come up with at least one answer that will surprise me.

We’ve grouped the questions so that it allows you to dig deep into a single topic.

These Pillow Talk questions for kids are a great way to add variety to the discussion!

I definitely learn a lot about my kids using these fun conversation starters.

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And I love that these are not a one time use and then done.

My kids As the weeks go on and they learn and grow a little more, their thinking shifts and their answers change.