Rocker guy and girl dating site

05-Aug-2017 00:54

I wondered if Richard was suffering because he wasn’t seeing his father.

I didn’t want Rick back in my life, but I knew, for Richard’s sake, that I had to contact him.’ Rick, who was by now with his second wife Patty, agreed to meet Richard and soon father and son forged a loving relationship.

T wo days later, Richard called from Miami where he was on holiday with his wife Rachel to say he was flying to Spain because his father was dying.‘I said: “Come on, don’t be stupid, Dad’s not dying.

I spoke to him a few days ago.” He rang me back an hour or so later. I couldn’t believe it.‘I was sad and angry because I thought: “Why didn’t he slow down?

Marietta concedes she found this tough.‘We had a nice little house and little car, but his dad booked flights to football matches and raced cars.

When you’re a 15 or 16-year-old boy with a father like that, of course you want to be with your dad.

Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt was on tour in Germany when his first wife Marietta went into labour with their second child, Heidi, a few days after Valentine’s Day, 1978.‘I phoned him in his hotel room to tell him. She said: “Rick’s in the shower.” It was like somebody had punched me in the stomach.‘I just said: “Can you just tell him I’m going into hospital because we’re having our baby? Rick did not return to see his newborn baby daughter for two months, and then only briefly to avoid having to pay tax (as a British resident).‘Status Quo were at the height of their fame.

” Rick said, “She’s not here.” We both went calling for her right through the house, but she didn’t answer. I just have this picture of my lovely girl face down in the pool. You feel as if you’re being shredded, as if somebody is ripping out all your organs.‘We got her out and Rick tried to revive her. I asked as many people as possible to wear white to the funeral.Goodness knows where all the money he was earning went.’Marietta began renovating houses to make ends meet and didn’t see Rick for years. Numerous medical tests followed and he was diagnosed with the horribly debilitating Crohn’s disease.

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