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Likewise, if a player is holding a six and there are an ace, a two a three and one four on the table, he should chose the five plus the ace, unless of course he has already taken the seven or the six of the suit of the ace and unless one of the two remaining cards is of the coins suit and he hasn't made the point of coins yet.In addition to the four standard points (called "punti di mazzo", literally "deck's points"), teams are awarded additional points for every "scopa" they took during game play.After all players have played all three cards, the dealer deals out three more cards to each player, again beginning with the player to his right. After the dealer has played the final card of the final hand of the round, the player who most recently captured is awarded any remaining cards on the table, and points are calculated for each player or team.If no team has yet won the game, the deal moves to the right.A scopa is awarded when a team manages to sweep the table of all cards.That is, if the table contains only a 2 and a 4, and player A plays a 6, player A is awarded a scopa.The "prime" for each team is determined by selecting the team's "best" card in each of the four suits, and totaling those four cards' point values.

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A player or team can win the "prime" even with only one seven but other useful cards.In both cases, both the card from the player's hand and the captured card(s) are removed and placed face down in a pile in front of the player.These cards are now out of play until scores are calculated at the end of the round.Clearing the table on the last play of the last hand of a round does not count as a scopa.

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The game is played until one team has at least 11 points and has a greater total than any other team.

If by capturing, all cards were removed from the table, then this is called a scopa, and an additional point is awarded at the end of the round.

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