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25-Nov-2017 00:54

Women in England and Wales are having their first child on average at 28 — four years later than in 1970.

There has been a corresponding surge in 40-plus mothers.

Like many modern women, I spent much of my 20s viewing potential suitors through what we jokingly termed ‘beer goggles’.

Once we began talking, my mind would race off into a baby-filled fantasy future. Excellent, I’d think, picturing him kicking a ball around with our children. Brilliant, I’d say to myself, imagining him riding along with our toddler strapped on the back.

‘It wasn’t just about meeting someone and having fun.

I really wanted to settle down, and it’s very hard to get that across without sounding desperate, without sounding like I’m saying: “Do you want to have a baby?

” on the first date.’ She has not given up on the idea of finding love and continues to date, but she is also meeting potential partners through co-parenting websites.

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‘I do feel I’m running out of time in a way; I don’t want to be an old dad,’ he confides.

But fertility wanes after the age of 35, and a study earlier this year by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development revealed that nearly a fifth of British women are childless at the menopause.

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