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Some of these factors (such as your calorie intake and level of physical activity) can be manipulated.But other factors (such as your body type, bone structure, the way you store fat, and other genetic variables) cannot be manipulated.In fact, there are many large, “overweight” (but fit) men and women who eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and enjoy excellent health (as indicated by their optimal blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar levels).And, there are many “healthy weight” men and women who don’t.Most people simply lack the raw materials to build the “ideal” body, regardless of how strict they are with their eating and exercise regimens.

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For example, being thin and/or muscular is associated with being “hard-working, successful, popular, beautiful, strong, and self-disciplined.” On the other hand, being “fat” is associated with being “lazy, ignorant, hated, ugly, weak, and lacking will-power.” These stereotypes are prevalent in our society; and they are reinforced by the media, our family and friends, and even well-respected health professionals.

They may starve themselves because they hate their bodies, eventually overeat because they get over-hungry, feel incredibly guilty after eating, and then try to get rid of the unwanted calories.

Keep in mind that your weight and body composition are determined by a number of factors.

Similarly, boys are given the impression that men naturally have muscles bulging all over their bodies.

Take a look at their plastic action-figures (like GI Joe Extreme) in toy stores.

In these group living situations, you may be surrounded by negative “body talk”…in the bathroom, in the dining halls, in your dorm room…there’s no escaping the comments (“Yuck! If you’re an athlete, you may feel tremendous pressure to lose weight or body fat so you can make a specific weight class (i.e. running, cycling), or look more attractive to the judges or audience (i.e. The pressure may come from you, your teammates, your coach, and/or your parents.