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Tuesday, January 21 2014 Architectural Artifacts PM 4325 N.

Ravenswood at the door, online, students and seniors (door only) PROGRAM ?

The composers are Brian Baxter, Andy Costello, Michael Miller, and Greg Steinke.

by William Jason Raynovich The founder and Artistic Director of the MAVerick Ensemble, composer William Jason Raynovich’s three-movement work Conceive a Man for soprano, clarinet, guitar and cello will here be reimagined by jazz vocalist Christy Bennett by Jennifer Hall A favorite singer/songwriter of Palomar ensemble violinist Jeff Yang, Hall’s haunting voice and insightful lyrics have made her a trusted Chicago favorite.

Eventually the Maya abandoned Copán and all other Mayan cities, which lay undisturbed for over 1,000 years.

Then, in the 19th century, explorers John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood stumbled on the vine-strangled remains of huge complexes of temples and monuments covered with strange portraits and hieroglyphs.

The case of the vanished Stardust soon became one of aviation's most celebrated unsolved mysteries. " is a classic NOVA that presents a gripping blend of high adventure and scientific detection.

In 1960 when he was a surgical resident, Folkman was drafted by the U. Navy to help find a substitute for whole blood to meet the navy's needs for transfusable blood on long voyages.

In this program, NOVA takes viewers deep into the Central American rain forest to the resurrected ruins of Copán, a once majestic jewel of Mayan civilization which was inexplicably abandoned over a thousand years ago.

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