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So she becomes a vllain for DW to fight so her ratings will go up. Watch Now This is the ""lost"" or ""Banned"" episode. In this now banned episode, Gosalyn wants magical powers just like Morgana. enlists Megavolt help, but an untrusting Darkwing messes things up (""Positive, Positive, POSITIVE! Now the 3 Frequency Fiends are combined into 1 super-being, and it's up to the combined efforts of D. Watch Now Helping with Gosalyn's homework, Darkwing shows her famous Mallards from history. But she is sick and tired of what darkwing his doing, she thinks it's too boring. Can he defeat a new and improved Terminator machine in his condition? Darkwing finally tells the computer system it's getting unplugged when he gets to the tower, at which point it goes berserk and decides that if it can have D. The body-stealing hats from outer space break free from captivity, bent once again to rule or destroy the universe - this time with a grudge against the young genius.Episode 1 (air date: 2017-04-18) Cupid has a big surprise for mum-of-two Emma.Is lofty rocker Squid the man for six-foot-tall Kat? And can brickie turned model Frankie charm glamorous PA Rosie?Watch Now Morgana opens up a new restuarant, but Darkwing forgets to cancel the guests coming there: The Cute Little Lost Bunnies! None of them seem to be as great as they were thought to be. One thing leads to another, and soon Gos finds a way to get magical powers..selling Darkwing's soul to the devil! Although she's perfectly fine, 3 new beings are created, all of which look like Gosalyn, but have powers based on different frequencies: Heatwave (red), Lightwave (Yellow), and Radiowave (Green). She sneaks back into time with Quackerjack's timetop and brings them to the present.

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Adam is the youngest, a camera-wielding future director who's crushing on an older woman.The restaurant also welcomes Sara, who has been single for eight years.