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A Woman’s Guide to the Psalms: An Interview with Lydia Brownback Fear, joy, heartache, anger, frustration, doubt; the book of Psalms displays an incredible range of human emotions as they’re expressed toward God in prayer and song. : An Interview with Havilah Cunnington Do you ask yourself, “Why do I still struggle if I’m faithfully following God?

” How can you discern whether you’re dealing with battles within yourself, resistance from God, or genuine fights with the devil?

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I’m John Fuller and Jim, last time, we had such good dialogue and such passion from Gary about the subject. And there are instances clearly where God has done that in Scripture and in history and ... But when I look at the normative teaching of Scripture, I really see it trying to urge people to be more active in pursuing this decision and it only makes sense. If it’s a site that asks the right questions, it isn’t based on silly notions and it might even preselect people--, there’s something in marriage that’s hard and that’s called “rubbing off your selfish edges.” (Chuckling) And you could see God’s design in that, that we come together as one in Him, created in His image, male and female. I think that’s a big danger, because I think that’s a misunderstanding of marriage. And so, for character, you want to look at what is evidenced in the person of Christ and what do you hope to see in your own kids’ lives? Now here’s a warning to women and I’ve had one woman say that, John Piper is taken. They’re studying Scripture so they can grow in wisdom. How would a person approach that with that Two steps I’d suggest, the first step is a listening step. So, for the listening step, just listen to what this man says. It just would be a natural part of my conversation that, that would happen.

I’m really glad we’re able to continue along to speak to singles about how to ... I wish we could give singles that vision of how good a good marriage can be and also open up their eyes to how debilitating a difficult marriage can be, so that they’ll be more thoughtful-- And it does make me feel like in a way, boy, I won it. I never hear high school students come out saying, “Well, if God wants me to go to college, [the] University of Texas will send me a dorm key and that’ll (Laughter) be my sign” (Laughter) that God wants me to [go] college.”Or a college graduate, “Well, if God wants me to work for uh ... And when I look at Scripture, it seems like it puts a little carrot in front of guys, ‘cause guys can be, I think, too passive on this. And that’s, I think, part of the heavenly and godly design of marriage, is that we become more like Christ when we do it well, because we’re becoming more selfless-- Well, certainly. But I think you don’t have to go along with their faults. If I have a very close friend, it would be bizarre if my wife never heard me talk about him. Women, if he never brings up God, if he’s never talking about God, he’s not talking to God.

And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.

2 Corinthians -20 NIV By submitting your email address, you understand that you will receive email communications from Bible Gateway, a division of The Zondervan Corporation, 3900 Sparks Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546 USA, including commercial communications and messages from partners of Bible Gateway.in a God-centered way, go after that desire in your heart to get married and not to leave it as we talked last time, to infatuation and kind of the hyper-emotional side. Microsoft, Steve Balmer, you know, will give me a call, ‘Hey, we heard you graduated; we want to offer you a job.’“ We know we have to go pursue a college. One of the most famous passages is Proverbs , when it says, “A noble wife, who can find? “She is worth far more than jewels.” Some will say rubies or what-not. You can use the tool for your purposes with your motivations. I would remind singles, you’re not just searching for a great companion. Goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, uh ... I mean, just in normal conversation it would come up. If God is a daily presence, if God’s challenging him, if God’s inspiring him, he’s going to bring it up. if God is truly his friend, it would be bizarre if it never came up in a conversation. Does God seem to be an active presence in this man’s life? Yeah and I hate to interrupt here, Jim, but this is the kind of thingthat is gonna be good to pass along to somebody. If you want to have kids, you’re searching for your kids’ mom or dad. They’re going to people in that field and if it’s medicine, if it’s science, if it’s sales, if it’s business, what do I need to know that I don’t know? It might even be better if you have an uneven number. They’re not I would think another area and again, this is something that for Jean and I, it was part of our dating relationship ... She shared this: “I discovered Boundless in the summer of 2016 after I dropped out of graduate school, left the church and moved back home with my parents. Through Boundless, I learned about God’s faithfulness and my identity in Christ. A year later, I’m walking in victory, so to say this ministry changed the direction I was headed in is an understatement.

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Now that can be a good thing, because conflict can help you understand someone. But if they respond with stonewalling or even worse, violence, conflict will be Okay, so, Gary, um ... And you don’t have to have five women and five men. Obviously, none of us can model a perfect marriage, but we can model a marriage where we’re seeking God together. In fact, we recently heard a really amazing story from one Boundless listener. Boundless was one of the many resources God used to shine a light in my life.Don has put together a directory to some of the best end time Bible prophecy, biblical discernment commentary, premillennial teaching, Christian apologetics, and other ministries.

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