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Positive identification is the responsibility of the person collecting the sample.

Back To Top The following information must be legibly recorded on a label affixed in an irreversible fashion to the specimen container: Required Information The specimen must be labeled with patient's name.

This includes standing orders, add-on requests, and verbal orders for all patients.

The laboratory will provide the request form to be used, either via fax, mail or download here.

No official results will be sent out until written confirmation is received from the physician.

Back To Top Proper specimen collection is vital to ensuring an accurate test result.

Specimens will not be accepted if the information on the specimen label does not match the information on the accompanying requisition.

Specimens with labels that do not contain required information (or for which the information is not legible) will be considered improperly identified.

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The feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or I. connectors, reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion. This weighted polyurethane feeding tube is designed for nasogastric and nasoduodenal feeding with a slimmer lighter weighted tip for easier insertion.The laboratory at Hillview features a full range of technologically advanced Esoteric Testing.