Yo yo dating

31-Jul-2017 14:01

Mine is now so confused that I’ve probably ended up far heavier than I would have if I’d never embarked on a weight-loss plan in the first place.

Weight loss and gain is a story familiar to many women — nine out of ten dieters will regain every pound they lose and probably end up weighing even more than when they started.Then as soon as I hit my mid-30s, my previously super-fast metabolism decided it was going to start taking life a little more slowly.The first time I experienced real self-loathing about my body was in the summer of 2004, when I looked at my holiday snaps and didn’t recognise the chubby blonde with folds of fat spilling over her denim shorts.Many counsellors consider perpetual yo-yo dieting to be a form of eating disorder.

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As a mature, intelligent woman, the idea horrifies me — especially as I must admit to having a sneery attitude towards anorexics and bulimics, who I’ve always considered to be over-indulged attention- seekers. There aren’t many diets I haven’t tried in the past decade: the Atkins (low carb) gave me hair loss and constipation; the South Beach (replace bad carbs and fats with good ones) was too restrictive; the GI diet (eat foods that release sugar slowly) too fussy; and the Dukan called for so much meat I felt like Desperate Dan.It’s horribly unhealthy, I know, but I always justify it with my standard ‘yes, but I don’t drink or smoke’ answer.

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